Welcome to Follow the Buffalo.

Follow the Buffalo envisions a world in which people of all races, cultures, socio-economic classes, and spiritual traditions are treated with dignity and respect.  The directors of Follow the Buffalo come from a community of people whose spiritual journey has allowed us the opportunity to experience a small portion of the wisdom, depth and beauty of Native American spirituality.  This small glimpse into indigenous culture, particularly that of the Oglala Lakota, has opened our hearts and minds to the variety, richness and importance of their perspectives.  Our American culture is diminished to the extent that we repress and ignore the voices of this land’s first peoples.  Our nation cannot be fully healthy and whole while we allow our citizens who live on the reservations to live in deplorable conditions and to be denied their rights as promised in the treaties our government signed with them.

We at Follow the Buffalo have pledged to support the Native American people in their efforts to preserve their cultures, improve the quality of life and opportunity in their communities, and through advocacy for justice in the issues affecting their lives.  Our primary, though not exclusive, goal is to assist the people on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota.

Life on the Pine Ridge Reservation is extremely difficult.  There are economic and resource challenges that rival those in the most desperate third world countries.  The people and natural resources continue to be at risk of exploitation at the hands of powerful economic interests.  The psychic trauma of genocide and racism continue to echo through the generations and can be seen in the high rates of depression, addiction and suicide.  But that’s not the whole story.  The resilience, courage and persistence of the Lakota people enables them to survive.  They struggle against repression to maintain their language and culture.  They use the wisdom of their traditional ways to hold on to their dignity and pride in their Lakota identity.   And, like people everywhere, they strive for a better life for their children.  There are many stories of creative individuals and groups taking action to improve life for everyone on the reservation and beyond.  At Follow the Buffalo we hope to support those who are doing that work.

As we update this website, we will be bringing you stories of the challenges and of the people who are making a difference.  We hope you will join us in supporting their efforts.  Perhaps you will have stories or ideas to share.  Please feel free to contact me at jeff@followthebuffalo.org


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